Do This to Create Sustainable Value Communication to Clients

recycle-555645_640In a recent blogpost by John Anderson at SEI, he wrote about how to communicate the value you bring to your clients as a Financial Planning practice.

This is after the client(s) have already been sold that your practice and your service can indeed support them in their needs.  John poses this question and one that is often asked by clients and practices speak about the challenge of doing this:

“How do you communicate the ongoing value of your plan for clients?John Anderson, SEIC

The answer has always been and still is a way to show them, visually preferably, but keep them in the know and keep telling them by repeating it.  The sustainable way to generate and increase value for your clients is also the way that you can create a defensible value for yourself.

Show and Tell – Financial Planning

subway-576776_640One such way to be able to showing and telling.  This is what John talks about as a Client Year-In-The-Life of Service document.  This is exactly in line with what I’ve previously written about in using maps.

Just like a traveller is visiting a new city, the use of a map grounds clients.  Each points on this virtual client financial planning roadmap allows to visualize the work completed, their actions on a timeline.  Each of these will be considered milestones, tasks accomplished and the details of their service throughout the year.

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Want a way to create a simple PlanMap?

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eugeneDo This to Create Sustainable Value Communication to Clients