What We [MyPlanMap] Stand For / Our Mission

  • We stand for being able to engage by breaking it down the easiest things possible.  making it simple, granular, easy is our way of driving value.
  • We stand for create sustainable, durable, value capture for fee only advisors.  The value can be captured by creating a whole new revenue stream for clients.  Make them be able to capture the value by adding this as a service they offer their clients above and beyond their current services.  Allowing them to truly capture the implementation portion of the plan.
  • We believe in Win-Win situations — it’s mutually beneficial for the planner and clients.
  • We believe in checklists, the power of checklist and how they can transform your life, your clients life one simple action at a time.

What We [MyPlanMap] Do

  • We help Advisors tell their story better for their Clients.
  • We help Advisors by making your Financial Advisor more visible, dynamic in a way that helps remind, nudge the key recommendations on Financial Planning.
  • We create simple, easy to understand client financial review template for Advisors.
  • Advisors can easily create one or many templates and load them onto MyPlanMap.
  • Each piece of Advise (and the structure of the advise) is never lost; you can template your advise, and repackage it for Clients in the future.
  • Keep a library, timeline of your Client advice ready to be deployed again.
  • Easily create and save your Advisor in a financial advisor client meeting checklist.
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